2021 U.S. Consumer Trends In Patient Engagement Survey

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What should health systems be doing now to make sure they retain patients and attract new ones?

To find out, we surveyed more than 500 healthcare consumers across the United States. Our report sheds light on the current high and low points in the patient journey. It also illuminates how evolving consumer preferences and expectations are impacting health systems today. Read on for a glance into the future of patient engagement.

Patient confidence

Trust in healthcare partners is high

98% felt that they communicate their healthcare concerns freely

95% expressed a high level of trust in the information shared by their healthcare provider

Patient expectations

People expect simple hybrid patient scheduling options

hybrid patient scheduling options

Digital patient engagement channels are here to stay.

However, a human touch is still important. Healthcare providers increasingly communicate and engage with patients via email and text messaging.

33% prefer email 29% want a phone call 27% like a text message

ED and home health care visits are on the rise

home health care


Stated they had received care in an emergency room setting in the past year.

home healthcare services


Confirmed that they or someone in their family utilized home healthcare services in the past 12 months, which suggests that this is a rising trend.

Healthcare consumers

What Patients Want:

Easier appointment scheduling:

Enable live voice scheduling and self-scheduling across all care venues, including emergency, urgent care, physicians, specialists, and telehealth.

The best of both worlds:

Combine virtual and in-person visits to deliver hybrid care that improves efficiency while creating a more rewarding patient experience.

Clear communication:

Build trust by using multi-channel strategies to communicate and educate.


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