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Patient Appointment Scheduling

Online and live voice medical appointment scheduling to attract and retain patients, fill schedules, enable self-scheduling, and improve access to care

Give patients the healthcare scheduling experience they want

When they need care, healthcare consumers want the same kind of convenience, choice, and engagement they get from retail and other interactions. Give patients what they want while directing them to the right medical provider and venue of care, at the right time.

Our patient scheduling platform helps you attract new patients, retain existing ones, fill schedules, and improve access to care in the venues and communication channels that consumers want and need.

Scheduling Solutions for Every Patient Population and Venue of Care


Online Patient Self-Scheduling

Enable patients to self-schedule appointments into your system with two clicks via your website and search engines or manage self-scheduling at discharge after visiting your facility.


Telehealth Scheduling & Support

Support your virtual visit strategy with online and live voice scheduling. Send meeting details and a medical practice link directly in the confirmation to streamline communications and improve the patient experience.


Virtual Waiting Rooms

Promote social distancing by allowing patients to check in online for Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits and then wait nearby to receive arrival instructions and wait time information.


Transition of Care

Proactively schedule referred patients with the next provider, drive adherence, and improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction by closing the referral loop and ensuring continuity of care.


Discharge Scheduling

Proactively schedule follow-up appointments and class & event registrations during and post discharge by sending patients real-time scheduling links and using self-service or live voice scheduling.


Preventative Care Scheduling

Improve outcomes, attract new patients, and build patient loyalty by promoting and scheduling wellness visits, health screenings, vaccinations, and more medical appointments.


Scheduling & HRAs

When providing online health risk assessments, direct patients to take the next step in their care by scheduling follow-up appointments with moderate to high risk patients.


Pop Up Testing Centers

Conveniently schedule patient appointments for drive thru and pop-up COVID-19 testing centers to help maintain social distancing and to manage volumes.


Class & Event Scheduling

Manage registrations for your virtual and in-person classes and events with the most intuitive and flexible event scheduling platform on the market today.


Technology and Live Voice Services for the Modern Patient Experience 


Integrated Scheduling from Search Engine Results & Website Pages

Win the battle for organic search while improving access for patients and conversions for your team. Enable patients to book appointments via your website and right from search results pages.


Scheduling Call Center

Provide professional, multilingual inbound and outbound call coverage for all your live voice patient scheduling needs, including appointment scheduling, referral scheduling, class and event registration, and telehealth appointment support.

enterprise-] wide

Scheduling Enterprise Wide

Offer convenient patient appointment self-scheduling across all care venues including: emergency, urgent care, physicians, specialists, telehealth, classes, and events.


Self-Guided Educational Triage

Guide patients to the proper care venue through online self-guided triage questionnaires to improve patient access while reducing your cost to serve and ED overutilization.


Detailed Search & Map View

Search for medical appointments by location, type, insurance, and date/time range. Filter results by provider demographics, preferred language, clinician schedules, and more. See results in a list or map view.

Projected Treatment Times

Projected Treatment Times

Streamline patient flow and prepare for their arrival by providing projected treatment times for all medical appointment types including emergency and urgent care appointments.


SEO Optimized

Get found and chosen faster with 90 days of dedicated SEM assistance, SEO optimized scheduling landing pages, and seamless calls-to-action to schedule appointments within search results.


Load Balancing

Take control of your patient appointment load and manage all schedules with the ability to pause and start individual, virtual, and department-wide schedules.


Integration & Customization

Integrate with most EHR, CRM, and revenue cycle management systems including EPIC, Athena, and Cerner. API read and write availability and customization give you full control over the patient experience with minimal required IT resources.

Explore EHR Integration

powered by branding

“Powered By” Branding & Guest Check Out

Maintain full control over the patient experience with deep branding customization and API availability to mirror your brand. Give patients the power to book appointments without the burden of portals and logins.

account management

Account Management
Reporting & Analytics

Benefit from an expert account manager and gain insight into patient volume, new patient mix, and demographics. Learn which channels drive the best results.



Take advantage of our leading-edge partnerships to extend our patient engagement platform and help you get found and selected while improving the accuracy of your online data.


Intelligent Scheduling integrates with most EHR, CRM, and revenue cycle management systems. API availability and customization give you full control over your patient scheduling experience.

Our Intelligent Scheduling solution attracts and retains patients, fills schedules, and provides convenience and time savings for your staff. And, we are the only patient appointment scheduling system that seamlessly combines both technology and live voice services to provide the modern experience healthcare consumers want while solving complex challenges to patient access, action, and adherence.