Case Study

Personal Outreach Prevents Clinician Burnout and Boosts Resiliency During Crises


vaccine-operations-best-practicesCHRISTUS Health turned to us to proactively reach out and check in with its clinicians and nursing staff, offering them comfort, counseling, and support at the height of the pandemic, leading to greater employee morale, loyalty, and retention.

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THE PROBLEM: CHRISTUS Health was concerned about the well-being of its clinical associates during the pandemic and wanted to prevent clinician burnout.

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The realities of providing care in a crisis heavily impacted its staff.

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CHRISTUS Health needed a confidential, supportive method to address associate resiliency.

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CHRISTUS Health leaders noticed a lot of staff were not using their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) free counseling benefits.


The organization also realized its EAP was not setup to perform a high volume of outbound calls.


THE SOLUTION: Proactively reach out to clinicians and nursing staff, offering them comfort, counseling, and support.


All inbound calls were outsourced to Carenet.

call agent

Carenet's specialty trained agents performed the outbound calls.

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Providing comfort and when needed, a referral to the EAP and/or warm transfers to CHRISTUS Health chaplains, were the goals of the program.


THE RESULT: The CHRISTUS Health Associate Wellbeing Check-in Program became a successful multidisciplinary project.

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Carenet made more than 2,000 associate calls.

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Agents spoke with 400 people.


100 inbound calls were also received.

The campaign yielded CHRISTUS Health something they deemed extremely valuable — positive reception from its Associates who knew that CHRISTUS leadership cared enough to reach out to them individually.

Health & Wellness Campaigns offer a flexible, easy way to manage highly complex and personalized solutions for organizations like CHRISTUS Health.