Provide Intelligent Scheduling for Pop-Up Screening and Testing Clinics

Our medical appointment scheduling solution helps patients schedule appointments for screening and testing clinics. We offer both digital self-scheduling and live voice scheduling and can provide detailed appointment instructions during the scheduling process to ensure patients are prepared and ready when they arrive.


Reduce Wait-Times for Patients

Utilize online scheduling services to reduce the amount of time patients spend waiting in line at screening and testing clinics. Our Intelligent Scheduling solution can be set up in 24 to 48 hours, so your organization can start leveraging it right away.


Provide Instructions for Appointment

Inform patients during the scheduling process of any further details or instructions about their appointment, for instance, what to expect when they arrive, if it is a drive-thru center, or even what door to enter. We can help you keep the safety of your patients and staff the highest priority.


Stay Informed on Your Appointment Load

Maximize your organization’s time by knowing how many patients you have scheduled for appointments each day and at what time. Your organization can efficiently utilize staff as needed based on appointment load.

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