White Paper: Fueling Innovation in Healthcare Engagement with the Power of Optimization

Need a spark to fuel new ideas in healthcare engagement? You may be overlooking a powerful starting point: Optimization.

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At Carenet Health, we believe engagement innovation (whether in health plans, health systems or other related organizations) can't happen in an operational vacuum. The concepts of innovation and optimization cannot be separated; they should be intrinsically aligned and connected. Why? Because by deconstructing, testing and honing existing practices, new ideas are actively explored. That's how the process finds the problems that need solving.

We call this innovation through optimization.

To learn more, download our white paper: Fueling Innovation in Healthcare Engagement: Harnessing the Not-so-Secret Power of Optimization.

  • Differences between innovation, optimization and disruption
  • The state of engagement innovation, including top areas of focus
  • Using diverse optimization starting points as fuel for innovation
  • Examples of innovation through optimization in action
  • The right (and wrong) times to use innovation through optimization
  • 10 steps to get started