This eBook focuses on health awareness campaigns that remind patients to be proactive about their care — increasing engagement and promoting healthier outcomes. Inside, you’ll find a case study, marketing tips, and sample creative assets to help you develop monthly campaign ideas that:

Create impact across email, social media, text, and more

Connect with consumers

Encourage patients to think about their health and proactively seek care

Create a sense of shared responsibility between patients and providers

Empower providers and reduce staff burnout

Promote healthy outcomes

Improve patient engagement

Drive conversions, and hold relevance far into the future


The Impact of Health Awareness Campaigns

In today’s highly digitized marketplace, health awareness campaigns are becoming increasingly important. Not only do they engage patients, but they also encourage them to think critically about their health and proactively seek care, leading to healthier outcomes.

"Throughout the year, there are numerous opportunities to launch health awareness campaigns, including over 225 National Health Observances — special days, weeks, and months dedicated to important health awareness topics."

Health awareness campaigns from breast cancer screenings to vaccination availability create a sense of shared responsibility between patients and providers – allowing providers to spend less time on paperwork, freeing them to perform higher-value work. No matter when you choose to launch a health awareness campaign, it can have a powerful and lasting impact on patient engagement.



We have assisted health systems to build, manage and run successful health awareness campaigns. Combining in-person support with digital technology, our comprehensive patient engagement platform empowers both consumers and providers – increasing conversions, boosting healthy outcomes, and driving revenue for your organization.

Modernizing Patient Engagement, Maximizing Patient Outcomes.

Modernizing Patient Engagement. Maximizing Patient Outcomes. Carenet offers the most comprehensive patient engagement platform in the industry. We are the only provider that seamlessly combines both voice and digital channels to provide the modern experience healthcare consumers want while solving complex challenges to patient access, action, and adherence.