EBOOK: Close Gaps in Care: Health Plan HEDIS® Best Practices Guide

In one of our most popular ebooks—freshly updated!—we provide 11 essential best practices, ideas for inspiration and several additional key insights to help your health plan take member HEDIS® engagement to the next level.

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Member outcomes and quality measures, consumer satisfaction and loyalty. They can all improve when health plans—especially Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans—take steps to help members make and keep appointments for vaccinations, get preventive care and manage chronic diseases.

Fortunately, Carenet Health has implemented thousands of HEDIS engagement programs. From that experience and our continuous testing, learning and optimizing, we've developed a finely tuned methodology and a compilation of best practices for successfully closing gaps in care.

We've gathered that knowledge into a practical manual for better HEDIS engagement. To start reading, complete the form to download: HEDIS® Engagement for Health Plans: A Best-Practice Guide for Closing Gaps in Care.

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).