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Virtual Waiting Rooms help hospitals
bring patients back into the ER.

... ED utilization declined by 42 percent across the US with the steepest decreases occurring in areas with higher infection rates

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Regular Communication, Virtual Visits and Online Scheduling prove to boost patient acquisition.

... hospitals are bleeding more than $50 billion per month due to the large number of cancelled elective procedures


Patient Engagement Solutions During COVID-19


Virtual Waiting Rooms

Promote social distancing by allowing patients to check in online for appointments, including Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits and then wait nearby to receive arrival instructions.


Dedicated COVID-19 Hotlines

Be available for patient, caregiver, and staff questions without increased burden on your internal resources. Courteous and professional multilingual agents are ready to take those calls for you.

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Online Scheduling for Pop-Up Screening & Testing Clinics

Reduce the amount of time patients spend waiting in line at screening and testing clinics with online scheduling services, and streamline the testing process with detailed appointment instructions.

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On Demand Text-to-Speech and Text Communications

Send broadcast messages to patients and staff via text-to-speech and text messages at a moment's notice. Updates can include test results, assessment center information, closures, and much more.

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Virtual Visit Scheduling & Support

Increase your telehealth visits with fully integrated online and live voice scheduling. Send meeting instructions and a practice link in the confirmation and provide agent assisted telehealth visit support.

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COVID-19 FAQ Chat Services

Address frequently asked questions from website visitors through online chat without placing increased burden on your internal resources.

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Live Voice Outreach to Higher Risk Populations

Use outbound live voice communications to provide continual communication with COVID-19 confirmed patients in self-isolation and quarantine and communicate disease management for high risk patients.

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Schedule Virtual Classes and Events

Host and book virtual patient education classes with online and live voice Class and Event scheduling services.

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Rebook Appointments Missed During Shutdown

Leverage automated reminders, live agent calls, and online scheduling to reach out to patients who have missed an appointment and rebook their visit.


We are here to help you deliver the best patient experience during this challenging time.

Protecting what matters is part of Carenet's daily mission, and during COVID-19, this includes protecting our clients’ ability to provide timely patient communication and engagement.