Guide: What to Ask Nurse Triage Vendors in a Comprehensive rFP

15 Must-Have Questions

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If you’re crafting an RFP for nurse triage services, leverage our guide to help you refine your goals and needs—and ensure you include the most important questions for vendor comparison and decision-making.

Working with a virtual nurse triage services partner (also called a nurse advice line provider) can position your organization to tackle many of the industry’s current challenges head on with telehealth and patient service excellence.

To find the just-right partner, you’ll want to begin with careful planning upfront and a strong and clear request for proposal (RFP).

Get a head start by downloading our guide—including three critical strategy steps and 15 must-have questions—to inform your RFP development.

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How to clarify your goals and pinpoint the scope of services you'll require.
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What questions to ask to use the RFP as a foundational building block for excellent patient/member care through nurse triage services.