Utilize Online Chat to Answer Frequently Asked Questions from Patients

During this rapidly evolving global health crisis, your organization is likely experiencing an overwhelming amount of questions from patients, caregivers and staff about COVID-19. With our online chat services, we manage these questions for you.


Answer Frequently Asked Patient Questions

Address frequently asked questions about COVID-19 from patients and website visitors without placing an increased burden on your internal resources. We will work with you to develop answers to frequently asked questions using our years of experience in healthcare communications as a guide. This solution can be set up in 24 to 48 hours so your organization can start leveraging it right away.


Provide Instructions

Provide instructions and additional resources to patients that have questions, such as: policies from your local health officials, testing procedures, telehealth appointment support, internal policy and procedure changes, and self-isolation or quarantine processes to name a few.


Reduce Stress on Staff

Reduce the stress and burden on your staff by providing online chat for patient questions. This allows your staff to focus on care while we manage questions from patients.

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In these difficult times, we're here to make things easier. Let us take care of your patient communications while you take care of your patients.