HIPAA Compliant Scheduling Software

Patient Reminders For COVID-19 Vaccines & Testing

We help health systems, government, and retail organizations implement and run effective COVID-19 testing and vaccine programs with online scheduling, message broadcast, and multi-channel patient appointment reminders.

Execute successful vaccine and testing programs with our HIPAA compliant scheduling & reminders solution.


Post-Discharge Services

Readmission rates for COVID-19 patients can be 3.5 times greater than for other hospital patients. Utilize post-discharge services to provide proactive follow-up, improve patient outcomes, and reduce readmission rates.

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Vaccine & Testing FAQ Chat Services

Address frequently asked vaccine and testing questions from website visitors through online chat without placing increased burden on internal resources.

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Live Voice Vaccine Scheduling, Reminders, & Support

Utilize our live voice scheduling solutions to schedule vaccine appointments and remind patients  of their upcoming appointment with text and voice reminders.

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Pre-Arrival and Check-In Instructions

Send patients information via text about your latest COVID-19 arrival procedures to ensure that all social distancing guidelines are met. Let patients know if they should wait in their car or if they can check in on their mobile device.

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COVID-19 Vaccine & Testing Hotlines

Provide dedicated hotlines for patients, caregivers, and staff without adding extra support on site. Our professional agents are available to provide answers to their questions and information to help navigate the phases of distribution.

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Online Scheduling for Pop-Up COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Clinics

Utilize online scheduling for both patients and staff to reduce the amount of time spent waiting in line, and streamline the process by providing detailed appointment instructions during scheduling.

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COVID-19 Tests & Vaccine Reminders

Use our Message Broadcast Solution to send patients and staff quick reminders of their test, vaccine, and/or booster appointments.

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Post-Vaccine Follow-Up for Staff and Patients

Have our professional agents follow-up with tested and vaccinated patients and staff to check on their well-being and remind them of next steps.

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Flexible Appointment Schedules and Lengths

Have full control of your schedule, and book slots as closely together as every 10 minutes to maximize vaccine supply and to vaccinate and test as many people as possible.

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Greater Baltimore Medical Center utilized text messages to boost patient confidence and page views

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Personal Outreach Prevents Clinician Burnout and Boosts Resiliency During Crises

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Medical Call Center Services Answers Inbound Calls and Reschedules Patient Appointments

Medical Call Center Services Answers Inbound Calls and Reschedules Patient Appointments

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COVID-19 Changed the Way Patients Interact with Healthcare

Our 2021 U.S. Consumer Trends in Patient Engagement Survey report shares evolving consumer preferences and how these expectations are impacting health systems.


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