What’s Inside?

Five patient engagement strategies to help your health system recoup lost revenue.

revise virtual strategy

Revise Your Virtual Visit Strategy

Learn how your health system can continue to utilize virtual visits to increase patient satisfaction without increasing patient frustration.

post-discharge follow-up

Provide Post-Discharge Follow-Up

Learn how to ensure that patients schedule their follow-up visits prior to discharge to reduce the chance of a missed appointment or readmission.

reduce no shows

Reduce No-Shows

Learn how appointment reminders can be utilized to reduce the likelihood that a patient cancels or misses their appointment.

stop referral leakage

Stop Referral Leakage

Learn how automated referral reminders and live voice services can help you close the referral loop.

engage vaccine patients

Engage Vaccine Patients

Learn how to engage your vaccine patients so that they become new, loyal patients to your organization.


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